Venues & Vendors


We are getting married at the Wynn, of course!!  And, in the exact location where we got engaged - in the Primrose Courtyard.  During the ceremony we will literally be standing in the exact spots we were standing when he proposed. I fell in love with the courtyard the minute I first a saw a photo of it, and we worked REALLLY hard to pay for it in our teeny little budget, but it was worth it to us. 

Our WC's at the Wynn have been AMAZINGLY great to work with.  We have been working with them for almost a year now (starting with the secret engagement plans), and I'm glad to say that all the awesome customer service reviews the Wynn gets are so true.  The only downside is that It is pretty much the MOST expensive place in Vegas to get married...but the classiness and service fit the price tag if you can find a way to afford it (and we have made tons of sacrifices to be able to do so!).  As many other brides have said, the WC's are also very helpful in finding ways to work within your budget, despite the high rates. They rock.


We have booked the Mandalay Bay Vista Suite for our in-suite reception.  Although it's on the opposite side of the strip from Wynn, it was the one we wanted for several reasons: the view, the price, the floor plan, and outside catering.

We plan on using the bedroom as a kids area for our son and our nieces and nephews with kids movies, toys, games, coloring books, etc.  We will be driving to Vegas, so we will be able to bring quite a bit of stuff with us.


Photography - Bently & Wilson
    We chose Todd for the price, quality, and constant great reviews.  We haven't had much communication yet other than booking, but we're looking forward to working with him.

Catering - Masterpiece Cuisine
    Scott has been great to work with.  He was so helpful in working within our budget and selecting our menu, and has been awesome with communication.  He even went out of his way to work with the chef to create a platter that would work for the 12 kids we are expecting.

Bartender - Absolute Beverage
    We haven't booked yet, but we plan on using Absolute Beverage for a bartender for our reception.  We are providing our own alcohol and beverages thanks to a hook-up we have that is going to save us a lot of money.

Hair & Makeup - Glam Squad
    I chose them based on all of the reviews and photos of their work, plus the very impressive resume of James.  Booking was easy and they have been very easy to communicate with.

Travis Allen
We will be surprising our guests with a 30 min show by Travis.  He had the best reviews, and the price wasn't bad. I can't wait til that part of the reception!